Our core activities take place in a safe and supported environment, and are delivered by our staff in a structured and meaningful way. We offer activities at our Montefiore Road site and in the community, as well as online Zoom sessionsThe costs are as follows:

Full day at Active Lives = £63 per person

Half day at Active Lives = £31.50 per person

Active Lives Online Zoom sessions = £15.75 per session


Take a look a our brochure to find out what Active Lives is all about:

Active Lives brochure

To find out more about the activities that you are interested in:

Call 01273 201 904 or email activelives@grace-eyre.org



Newsletter Production Team

This group will be designing our Grace Eyre Newsletter. So, would you like to become part of the Newsletter Production Team?

The activity lead will help you improve your design skills as the Newsletter takes shape. You will learn how to plan the structure of content by researching newsworthy and relevant content, alongside stunning images.

Computer Activities

Through these computer activities the opportunities to learn new things are endless and endlessly fun!

It is up to you what you do. The lead certainly has some activities to share. But this is your chance to follow what interests you. This may be learning new IT skills or surfing the net for educational purposes – by taking part in online learning games for example.

Makaton Activity

Would you like to improve your communication skills, so that you feel like you are being understood? Join our Makaton activity where we will be using signs, symbols and speech as our tools.

Singing Activities

If you love singing, then this is the activity for you. Whether that is solo, in a duet or as a small group we do it all. You will be able to learn your favourite songs from the past and new ones too. We love it when you have a request. Everyone who attends is encouraged to bring your own instruments if you have one.

Creative Writing Activity

Do you love to write?

Would you enjoy developing your writing skills to become more creative? If so, these Creative Writing sessions are for you. You will be encouraged to create individual stories and poems, and in group conversation share your experiences.

Employment Skills Activity

Are you looking to develop your employment skills to help you in your current job or find a new one? If so, these activities are for you and will explore the skills needed in the workplace. They include teamwork, problem solving and communication.

Drawing Activity

Do you love to draw?

In this activity you will be encouraged to create a drawing diary and supported to try different drawing styles. The lead will encourage you to draw from your imagination, maybe draw a story or doodle, all the time learning new drawing techniques.

Painting with Watercolour Activity

In this activity you will learn about drawing and having fun using watercolour paints. We will encourage you to use your imagination and to express your ideas visually. You will be given the support you want to produce wonderful colourful paintings that you will be proud of and enjoying doing.

Textile Activity

In this activity you will learn about hand sewing methods to build your own textile-based designs. We will encourage your creativity and ideas on using different material to express your ideas.

If you have an interest in textile design, then this is the activity for you.

Collage and Mixed Media Activities

Would you like to make art out of everyday material? Newspaper, wrapping paper, magazines, string, wool, cardboard, all can be used to have fun creating your ideas. You can collect material from home and will be supported with your ideas and how to bring them to life.

Art and Nature Activity

This activity is based outdoors in the natural environment. We will encourage you to look around at the natural world, to be inspired and make drawing from what you see. This could be the flowers, plants, trees, birds or even the clouds. Each trip will be an adventure to see what you are drawn to.

Expressive Art Activity

This activity will give you the opportunity to explore your imagination through expressive art. The activity lead is there to guide and support you to draw from your imagination and will show you new drawing techniques. You will have the opportunity to draw in response to music or stories being shared by the group.

Mosaics Art Activity

You will learn how to make art with mosaic tiles. We will encourage you to create your own design that will work well in this form of art. You will then learn how to use coloured tiles to build the mosaic image on a board using pre-cut mosaic tiles.

Film-making Activity

During this activity you will learn how to make short films. You will be encouraged to work together to write, perform and film your own stories based on things that are important to you. Topics could include documentaries about life in isolation and lockdown stories real or imagined. What subjects do you feel comfortable talking about, and then exploring how to tell the story?

Performance Activity

This activity will give you the opportunity to work as a team, to explore your creativity through performance. The group, with the support of the activity lead, will agree a story that you can all perform together.

Dance Fit Activity

Do you love to dance?

Join our dance fit activity where you will learn lots of new moves dancing to your favourite songs. It is a fun activity that you can do at home and still feel part of a group who love to dance!

Indoor and Outdoor Games

We all enjoy playing a good game. Join your friends in this activity and you will be playing games such as bowls, boccia, quoits, lawn darts, croquet and board games. We will be outside when the weather is good and come indoors when it is not so good.

Chair Yoga

Yoga is great for building your physical fitness and flexibility. It has a strong calming effect that helps your mental health and overall wellbeing. Chair yoga is an adapted form of yoga that is more accessible to everyone. Taking part in this online activity, you will practice various seated poses on the chair and some standing poses, using the chair for balance and support.

Tennis and Outdoor Games Activity

This activity is split into two one-hour sessions. In the first hour a coach will teach you the basic skills in tennis, and some other fun games to play as well. This is at the Pavilion and Avenue Tennis Club in Hove.

The second hour is outdoor games at Hove Rec, which is walking distance from the tennis club in the summer months.

Healthy Walking Activities

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise you can do. You can join us in this activity and make it even more fun, by walking with a group of friends. Each week we will choose a different walk starting from Montefiore Road, exploring our local area and keeping fit.

Gardening Activities

This activity will give those of you that are green-fingered a chance to learn how to grow your own plants at home or take part in the group activity at our allotment. There, you will help with the day-to-day jobs to maintain our plot and sow new seeds to grow a variety of plants, fruit and vegetables.

Table Tennis Activity

This is a coach led activity where you will learn and improve your table tennis skills. Take part in some fun drills followed by friendly games with friends.

Cricket Activity

Be bowled over and join Sussex Cricket coaches who will lead this session taking you through some games, drills and fun matches. Enjoy all that cricket can offer.

Boccia and Games Activities

Come and join us for boccia!

Join friends and practice some drills and play games. Improve your coordination whilst having lots of fun.

Football Team Activity

Goal! Shoot some goals with us in a fun session led by a coach from Albion in the Community. Whether you play regularly or are new to the game, join us for some football fun and fitness.

Swimming Activity

Make a splash and get fit with us at these swimming sessions. Swimming is a full body workout and is great for general wellbeing. Also, you will gain a life skill in knowing how to swim.

Relaxation Activity

Join us for some Sunday chill out time.

The session will include gentle stretches and breathing techniques to fully relax and de-stress!

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