Our mission

Grace Eyre’s mission is to deliver Our Charter created by people with a learning disability and autistic people who want: to be listened to; have access to housing; be part of their community; have strong and supported relationships; have jobs; travel around; try new things and to be healthy.



Kirsty Pentecost: "I decided to become a trustee because I wanted to do more things within Grace Eyre. Being a trustee means I can help run the way Grace Eyre works in the future, so it is an amazing opportunity for me."

Our Values

Our organisational values are a shared set of standards that everyone at Grace Eyre can aspire to and help us to bring our vision, mission, Charter and Our Plan to life.

Our values are:

  • Welcoming – everyone invited
  • Encouraging – in it together
  • Pioneering – aiming high
  • Joyful – having fun
  • Celebratory – sharing success



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