Grace Eyre’s mission is to deliver Our Charter created by people with a learning disability and autistic people.

We want to Be Listened to

“We want to be heard. We want staff to listen to us and act on what we say. We want everyone to have good communication skills.”

We want to be part of Our Community

“We want to belong to our local community. We want to be part of the bigger picture. We want to go out more. We want to be involved.”

We want to have Strong and Supported Relationships

“We want good relationships. We want happy relationships with people we get on with. We want to go out on dates, have a partner, get engaged and married and have families. We want to be able to have LGBTQ+ relationships.”

We want Good Housing

“We want to choose where we live and who we live with. We want to choose our staff. We want to be independent.”

We want Jobs

“We want to have good employment opportunities. We want paid and volunteer jobs.”

We want to Travel Around

“We want to be able to travel independently using public transport. We want to travel abroad. We want to go on holidays with family and friends.”

We want to Try New Things

“We want to try different things. We want to meet new people. We want to build our life skills.”

We want to Be Healthy

“We want to keep fit, have active lives and healthy minds.”

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