Supported Living

Many people with learning disabilities and/or autism enjoy living in their own home, or shared accommodation. Choices, our supported living service, provides unique support for each person’s need, so they can really enjoy living independently.

We can work with you to help you budget your money, maintain a place to live, meet new friends, learn new skills and understand your health and wellbeing. We support you to feel confident within your community and live more freely.

Choices is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

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Please call us on 01273 201 900 or email

“My support worker is always kind, she comes and supports me. I am respected, it’s a two-way thing.”

Shared Lives

Would you like to move on from where you live but know you need some additional support? Our Shared Lives service – the oldest and longest running in the country – can help you create the independent life you want.

You don’t have to have a learning disability to benefit from this service. If you want to see if it would be suitable for you get in contact and let’s talk.

Shared Lives is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Read the latest report published 11 November 2022.

"The kind of support Stevie needs is with his finances, so we go through his receipts and help him with his banking. My support is not having to be by his side, it is to help him be as independent as he can."

Who is a Shared Lives Carer?

A person or family with the right attitude and willingness to support someone to achieve an independent life within their community.

Shared Lives Carers are carefully selected and trained by professionals, so we know they will be fantastic to work with. As a Shared Lives Carer, you are paid a fixed amount per week and have access to preferential tax arrangements.

‘For me as a Shared Lives Carer, it was a way to support adults with learning disabilities and be at home with my children. I think it’s enabled them to grow up understanding that there are people with learning disabilities, and this has made them more empathetic.’

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For more information

Please call us on 01273 201 900 or email

Or visit our work for us page for details on how to apply.


We work with lots of different landlords and housing providers across Sussex. Together we can find you exciting new places and help with the choices about where and how you’d like to live.

We support individuals, couples and friendship groups, matching people with quality accommodation that meets their needs.

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To find out more, please call us on 01273 201 907 or

Thank you for Brighton & Hove City Council and Arnold Clark Community Fund for their grants to support vulnerable families and households struggling this winter.

“This has opened more doors than we would ever have had living elsewhere. It’s allowed us to be independent and live how we want to live our lives.”

Travel Buddy

Would you like to be able to travel around your local community to see your family and friends when you want to?

It might feel like quite a big step, but our Travel Buddy project can work with you and help you gain the confidence to get on a bus by yourself and make that journey.

Watch the Travel Buddy film

Sign up to our 12 week Travel Training session – bite size activity sessions, using worksheets, interactive games and websites, role play, discussion, to learn both the theory and to practice how to travel safely and confidently around Brighton & Hove. The course also includes our Drama on the Bus workshop and the opportunity to Try a Train (Joined Up Journey).

Watch the Try a Train film

Interested to learn more?

Please email our Travel Buddy Team at

Travel Buddy referral form

Keep an eye out for new Travel Training opportunities coming soon!


"Learning to use the buses and trains so I can play football with friends - I love it!"

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