We offer a range of staff benefits.

Chorus Workplace Savings Scheme from Wave Community Bank

Build your savings and repay loans simply and easily through your monthly Grace Eyre salary payments, while supporting the local community, by joining the Chorus Workplace Savings Scheme from Wave Community Bank.

You will need to become a member for a one-off fee of £5 and you need to deposit £1 to open your savings account.  Membership offers great benefits including 20% off Brighton & Hove Buses annual tickets, 15% off Freedom Leisure annual membership, and access to lots of money management advice.

How to join

Visit: www.savewithchorus.org.uk to find out more.

See their FAQs: https://www.savewithchorus.org.uk/faqs-2

Enhanced Holiday Entitlement

You will receive a minimum of 24 days holiday per year plus bank holidays (or equivalent time off another time if you need to work on a bank holiday). Your entitlement raises by 1 day with each year of service up to 29 days per year. You can check Salesforce to see your entitlement for the current year.

Blue Light Card

Grace Eyre are inviting all staff to join the blue light card scheme for FREE.

What is the blue light card?

Blue Light Card provides those in the NHS, emergency services, social care sector and armed forces with discounts online and in-store. Blue Light card offers official discounts from large national retailers to local businesses in a wide range of categories including holidays, cars, days out, fashion, gifts, insurance, phones and much more!

This benefit was offered to staff as a limited time offer last year and due to the success, it has been reintroduced.

“I have just bought a new bed and they knocked £223 off just because I showed my card and I get 10% every time I shop in Asda!” – Geoff S, Choices

How to join?

To join click the link here: Welcome to Blue Light Card

You will need:

  • ID or recent payslip showing your eligibility
  • A payment of £4.99

Claim back the £4.99 in your expenses.

Cost of Living Support Benefits

Read cost of living support package flyer

If you have any questions, please contact humanresources@grace-eyre.org.

Rental Deposit Scheme

The Rental Deposit Scheme is a loan to support you to cover the cost of a deposit for rental properties, which we know can be a challenge financially. You will repay the loan by an agreed amount from your salary payments each month.

See the instructions and terms & conditions.

Staff Housing Offer

Grace Eyre can assist in securing housing for staff and would like to hear from anyone who would like the opportunity to live in a shared house with other Grace Eyre staff.

Grace Eyre will source the property, pay the deposit and liaise directly with the landlord to set up the tenancy.

Please note that Grace Eyre will endeavour to secure a property that is affordable. However, due to the high cost and demand of housing, we rely on the open market and cannot guarantee a property.

Grace Eyre will then offer the group of staff a joint and several tenancy, which means all the staff members sharing will be responsible for:

  • paying the rent
  • paying the utilities
  • paying Council Tax
  • following the rules of the tenancy

Shared housing can be a great way to manage high accommodation costs and can assist our staff to access a local property together.

If you need more information or would like to apply for yourself or a group of friends, please email housing@grace-eyre.org.

Cycle to Work Scheme

We want to promote healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution so are offering opportunity to access the cycle to work scheme. You can save from 25%-39% on a new bike and accessories and could be eligible for a bike loan for up to £2,000.

How to register for the cycle scheme

  • Get a quote from a registered cycle scheme bike shop
  • Log on to our personal cycle scheme website to create your certificate
  • Your certificate will need to be approved online by HR
  • HR will request an invoice from the supplier
  • When HR get the invoice, HR will give you your certificate which you take to the bike shop to collect your bike
  • Monthly deductions will start from your pay
  • For applications to be approved, you must have passed probation and not have any ongoing disciplinary matters.
  • Once the application has been submitted, we are required to seek written approval from your line manager before the application can be processed.
  • If you wish to amend the value on your cycle scheme application, you will need to cancel the application and resubmit a new application form which will require further approval

See the full details on the scheme and to apply.

Generous Refer-a-Friend Scheme

We are always looking to grow our teams of talented people. That’s why we offer a refer a friend scheme which could earn you £400 for each successful referral.

One Paid Volunteering Day Per Year

With our volunteer day initiative, we hope to inspire you to get out in the community and volunteer for a charity of your choice, including, of course, Grace Eyre. This will give you the chance the give back to the community, learn new skills and have fun!

  • If you are a permanent staff member you will be entitled to take one paid day off per calendar year to volunteer.
  • You can choose where you wish to volunteer – in Grace Eyre or a charity of your choice.
  • You may choose to volunteer with your team.
  • You must request the volunteer day through Salesforce and be approved by your line manager (booked through Other Leave). In the absence details you must include the charity name and charity contact details. (this includes if you are volunteering at Grace Eyre).
  • If you wish to volunteer for an external charity, you will need to ask the charity contact to sign and date the volunteering completion form and send to humanresources@grace-eyre.org.

Download the Volunteer Day Completion Form

Enhanced Death in Service (Life Assurance)

Our death in service benefit provides a lump sum of 3 times your salary. You can choose who you would like to nominate as the beneficiary for this benefit. If you would like to update your beneficiary, you should complete an updated form and email it to humanresources@grace-eyre.org.

Download the Death in Service Nomination Form and Emergency Contacts Form

Training and Development Opportunities

Through regular reviews, your manager will work with you on your learning and development. We offer a variety of opportunities to enhance your skills and abilities.

All staff will complete essential training which covers an induction to Grace Eyre and role specific training.

Grace Eyre managers will also complete a leadership training programme through a series modules tailored to our organisation.

See the details of our training and development programmes.

Contact our learning and development team at training@grace-eyre.org for details of available training.

Flexible Working Opportunities

We understand the importance of work life balance and promote flexible working. We offer hybrid working where possible and accept applications for sabbaticals.

Our Working Time / Flexible Working Policy explains how to apply for flexible working and how your request will be dealt with.

Enhanced Employer Pension Contribution

We offer a contributory pension scheme through Royal London. For pensions queries and advice on your pension you should contact Royal London directly.

Website: www.royallondon.com
Phone: 0345 602 1885

If you are not a member of the pension but would like to join, please contact humanresources@grace-eyre.org.

Employee Assistance

Our EAP is available to all employees and you will have access to:

  • Up to 6 sessions of counselling for you and/ or family member per year
  • Legal, debt and life management advice calls
  • 24/7 helpline access
  • Access to an assistance website with information, signposting and online access to programme services
  • Monthly wellbeing update newsletters

Website: www.employeeassistance.org.uk
Login access code: Graceeyre
24/7 freephone: 0800 328 1437

Enhanced Sick Pay

We operate a contractual sick pay scheme that is more generous than statutory sick pay. You are entitled to 15 days full pay for sickness and 6 weeks full pay for extended sick leave (hospitalisation or 1 continuous illness).

Full details can be found in our Sickness and Absence Policy.

*The above entitlements are based on full time roles (37.5 hours per week), please check your contract for full details of your sickness pay entitlement.

Paid Celebration Day

You are entitled to one Celebration Day per year. You can book your celebration day to celebrate either your birthday or an anniversary (such as a wedding / civil partnership anniversary).

We also offer paid time off for the different situations life brings.

You are entitled to paid leave for:

  • Emergency time off for dependants* = 5 days paid leave
  • Compassionate Leave* = 5 days paid leave
  • Carers leave* = 5 days paid leave
  • Jury service = We will top up your court attendance allowance to ensure you do not lose out on pay

*Entitlements are for full time employees (37.5 hours per week). Days are pro rata for part time employees.

Our Annual Leave and Other Leave Policy details your full entitlements.

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