The Tony Barnard Foundation, established by Brighton & Hove former Mayor, Jenny Barnard Langston and her husband Mark Barnard made its final donation to benefit the many people with learning disabilities supported by Grace Eyre. The donation was in two parts, the first will enable those who attend Grace Eyre’s day activities to participate in sports and the second will facilitate a cookery course.

Jenny said:

“The Tony Barnard Foundation (TBF) was set up in the name of Tony Barnard who, following a brain trauma, had to adjust the way in which he lived his life. I have been supporting the Grace Eyre Foundation for many years, it was one of my Mayoral Charities during my term of office. Many of those who were attending Grace Eyre at the time, along with their carers, were special guests at the Mayoral Ball and Grace Eyre has since been supported by other Mayors.”

Mark and Jenny expressed sadness at having to close the Tony Barnard Foundation, Mark said:

“Tony Barnard Foundation Trustees, our Patrons and Supporters have done a sterling job in raising funds which have benefitted so many people, individuals, groups and families. During the pandemic it became impossible to continue events and since then the pressures the community is experiencing has meant that the charity has struggled to raise funds in the way that it had previously. We explored a range of options before making the decision to close the charity down. We will of course continue to be champions for those who live with learning disabilities and their families. Grace Eyre is certainly the ideal charitable organisation to make the final donation from the Tony Barnard Foundation.

Eva Eriksson, Grace Eyre Chief Executive said:

“Thank you to the Tony Barnard Foundation for all your generous support over the last few years – your previous donations have helped us to support many people with a learning disability or autism to live the lives they want to. While we are sorry to see you close, we are honoured to be your last recipients and are looking forward to using this latest donation to improve the lives of even more people through our work at Grace Eyre.”

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