Grace Eyre’s Travel Buddy Project works alongside people with learning disabilities to help them travel independently in their communities. One of our trainees, Nat was stuck at home and couldn’t go to places. As part of the scheme she has been supported by her travel trainer to develop new skills, like catching the bus, crossing roads and staying safe. Keep an eye on our Facebook page – at the end of the week you can see just what this freedom means to Nat and a couple of our other trainees in our all new Travel Buddies film clip!
Another strand of the Travel Buddy Project is ‘Drama of the Bus‘ run in association with Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company, where trainees learn about communicating with drivers and passengers and what to do in challenging situations. These interactive sessions explore worries and ease the concerns of those travelling on the bus.
You can read more about our most recent session here: or get in touch to sign up to our next session in September.
The third strand of the project is Volunteering Together, where we match a person  with a learning disability with a volunteer and together they’re placed in a shared volunteer work placement. The volunteer provides independent travel training to their partner and together they make the journey to and from the work placement. They work alongside each other, fostering friendship and breaking down barriers.
We’ve signed up to Brighton & Hove’s Tidy Up Team who help the council’s grounds maintenance teams keep your beautiful parks and open spaces litter-free. Could you spare half a day to support an adult with a learning disability to tidy up our community and green space? Our trainees are raring to go! Give us a call now!
Travel Buddy Team
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