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Grace Eyre is working closely with employers, increasing their disability awareness and understanding. We want employers to be confident in taking on and supporting members of staff with learning disabilities. Many employers are nervous because they don’t know what’s involved, so we help them understand why working with disabled people isn’t just good for the person, but how it benefits their workforce and society.

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Call 01273 201909 or email Evie Halligan, Job Coach Team Leader ehalligan@grace-eyre.org

Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together is a co-produced project developed in partnership with people with learning disabilities and/or autism to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are met. It is designed to maintain support for both employees and employers for the long-term. Its aim is to inspire and empower people, giving them the tools to discover their full potential.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to have a job, Let’s Work Together to make it possible.

Bill Bayley, Grace Eyre Receptionist

This is Bill. Bill has been working on Grace Eyre reception since 2016; he has been able to progress from general running duties, to working directly with service users, training them on reception.

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The Let’s Work Together project is funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund (ESF).




“I like the routine, seeing everyone and seeing new faces—getting to know more people has been confidence-boosting …social skills are so much easier now, the fact that I am speaking to people every day, and knowing how to support adults with special needs has been really helpful.”

Benefit Advice

The benefit system can feel like a maze. We can support you in gaining an understanding of how it all works and how it affects you. You could find that you could be employed and still receive benefit support.

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Easy Read – Understanding the Benefits System and how it affects you

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Understanding the Benefits System and how it affects you – parent/carer

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