Sophie recently started a course Greater Brighton Metropolitan College. Last year Sophie walked the route, but she wanted to learn the bus journey for when the weather gets cold and wet.

With the support of our Travel Buddy team, she learned the bus route very quickly. She is now really confident looking at the paper timetable to find out when her next bus is scheduled to arrive.

Sophie has also learnt how to get bus information from Google Maps and Virtual Bus 360, the Brighton & Hove Buses app, so that she is aware of any changes to the timetable that may affect her journey.

Sophie took the final step on her journey to independence and caught the bus by herself! Her smile was brilliant and she had a real sense of achievement after being reluctant to take this final step due to anxiety over missing her stop.

Well done Sophie! We are very proud of you.

If you would like to learn to travel independently and find out more about Travel Buddy, get in touch with our Travel Buddy Team at

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