Mellie has been working with Grace Eyre’s Job Coach to sell her homemade jewellery at the Open Market studio and shop, using Instagram for marketing, and creating her own business cards. Mellie has supported the running of the shop and designed and created two window displays, one for Halloween and the other for Christmas. She has also completed first aid training and has made a new CV which she has uploaded to Indeed, the job search site.

Mellie said:

“I enjoyed making the film for the MA student, making my business cards. I enjoy coming here [open market placement] it is a learning process. I enjoyed helping out the Grace Eyre cafe on Montefiore Road  over Christmas, it was nice meeting new people.

Making my first sale was my biggest achievement, I was very pleased. I have been giving my business cards to other jewellery makers and have had more people follow me on Instagram and comment on my photos … my biggest challenge has been overcoming my fear of talking to people, this place [the open market placement] has taken me out of my comfort zone.”


Mellie is excited to progress on the course, she is going to be part of the job interview training videos; she wants to create a new Valentine’s display for her window; and wants to start learning about wire work jewellery making, and perhaps enrol onto a course to teach her these skills. The sky’s the limit!

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