Grace Eyre Friendship’s activity sessions on Zoom have been an absolute lifeline for the Jones family, according to mum Joanna Jones.

Joanna’s 24 year old daughter, Louisa, has severe learning disabilities and needs one-to-one care throughout the day. Since before Christmas, Louisa has been at home as all day centres, clubs and carers have been cancelled due to the risk of Covid-19. Joanna’s husband and other daughters all work, so Joanna and Louisa are together all day, every day.

But when Louisa is sat in front of the various Grace Eyre Friendship Zoom meetings, she is mesmerised by everyone’s face, listening to the chat and music and joining in in her own way (she is non verbal).

Joanna said:

“[During these times] I actually get a break, or manage to get jobs done around the house. She has actually learnt how to do a ‘thumbs up’ because of all these zooms!”

The yoga sessions, gardening chats and disco nights are all compelling and entertaining. The only problem now is that Louisa sits in front of the computer as soon as she wakes up, expecting everyone to be there on demand!

Luckily, with all the activities provided by Grace Eyre Friendship it isn’t long before the fun has started again.

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