In the autumn of last year Josh took part in some allotment training for his placement. He has been engaging with employment sessions with our job coach.

Josh said:

“I liked trying something different by going to allotment, interacting with people. Time keeping has improved, first aid e-learning – this was pretty useful – so were one to ones at the Open Market. I didn’t know how to structure a CV for years, now I do.”


During his placement Josh has also supported the Employment Team with editing scripts for the training video they are making to support learners with completing job interviews.

He said:

“I enjoyed editing the scripts the most, this was interesting and something that I have watched before at college, people brainstorming ideas, it was nice that I was part of it this time.”


Josh has overcome personal barriers whilst on the course. He has shown perseverance and dedication to his employment journey by completing the training online.

At the end of January 2022, Josh will be starting a new placement at Grace Eyre’s Open Market Art Studio. He hopes to gain experience maintaining a shop and keeping clean and safe for customers.

Josh said:

“I am looking forward to working at the Open Market because it gets me out and is different.”


For more information about Grace Eyre’s Employment Project, call 01273 201 909 or email Active Lives

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