Gary was initially trained by the Travel Buddy project in 2019 and was making independent journeys to and from his home to Grace Eyre on Montefiore Road. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Gary found himself house bound where his only social contact was his Grace Eyre Zoom sessions.

After a year and a half Gary was given the all clear to return to in-person sessions but his independent travel skills and confidence had diminished. Gary contacted the Travel Buddy scheme for help, and we set up some training.

Gary had to learn a new route to his new day service but once he took his first tentative steps his prior travel knowledge came flooding back. He had retained his previous travel training knowledge and his dormant skills were reignited! Gary was fast-tracked through travel training, learnt his new journey, refreshed his previous travel skills, as well as learning new ones that will help him navigate public travel in 2021.

Gary is now back out and socialising in the community; he’s so happy to be back at Grace Eyre where he can see his friends again.

If you would like to learn to travel independently, find out more about Travel Buddy. Get in touch at

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