Before Covid-19 Emily attended Grace Eyre’s employment training 4 days a week as she wants to find full-time employment in Brighton. Employment training is important to Emily as it gives her routine, a chance to learn new skills, a chance to meet members of the Brighton community and to meet new friends.

Emily’s parents both work full-time, which means it’s unfeasible for them to pick her up from her work placements 4 times a week. To improve her chances of securing permanent employment, Emily decided to contact the Travel Buddy project at Grace Eyre to learn how to travel independently.

Emily’s parents said:

“We are so grateful for the help that the Travel Buddy Scheme has given Emily and us. Emily seems so much happier and confident when setting off, and importantly it has seen her independence improve.”

Emily was a quick learner and showed determination to achieve her independent travel goals. With help from the Travel Buddy project, her family and Emily’s diligence, she learnt her route to London Road and was within weeks independently travelling to Hove. Unfortunately, Covid-19 put a stop to not only the Travel Buddy scheme but all of Emily’s work and social opportunity.

Emily spent the summer and some of the winter months at home, missing her friends and routine. As lockdown restrictions ended, Emily and her family contacted the Travel Buddy scheme once again. Not long after she rejoined the scheme, another lockdown was imposed and we had to stop once again. Despite all these setbacks and unsettling times, Emily will once again recommence her training and this time we hope she will complete it uninterrupted until the end.

Throughout all the uncertainty and changes that Covid-19 has unleashed upon the world, it is amazing to see Emily’s determination to achieve her goals remain unchanged.

Independent travel will always be an essential skill for people with learning disabilities to have. Independent travel can open employment, social and educational opportunities that may not have been available without it. When the current lockdown ends, our Travel Buddy Project can help unlock your full employment, educational or social potential.

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