In April 2020, Chloe and her son moved into their first own home, previously Chloe’s housing background had been unsuitable and unstable.

Now a few weeks on in their home both mother and child have settled in very well. With regular support from her Grace Eyre Housing Officer and Choices Community Support Worker, mum and son are making great progress.
Chloe said:

“I feel very happy and grateful for my new home we have settled in really well. I have my independence now and I feel safe. I have met my new neighbours and they have been very welcoming. I have found Grace Eyre Housing really helpful and I know that I have somebody there if I need further help with my home.”

Patrusha Dey, Grace Eyre Housing Officer, said:

“Thank you, Chloe. That is such a positive start, we look forward to following you on your new journey!”

Grace Eyre Housing offers exciting new opportunities and choices about where and how people would like to live. It works in partnership with a broad range of landlords and different service providers across Sussex and supports referrals from individuals, couples and friendship groups, matching people with quality accommodation that meets their needs.

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