Charlotte joined Travel Buddy just a few weeks before she was due to start employment training with Team Domenica.

Charlotte was very keen to learn the new bus route to Team Dominica. With the support of Travel Buddy, her confidence and ability to travel quickly improved. She is now very confident stepping onto buses, scanning her bus pass, finding a seat and pressing the button when she needs to get off.

Charlotte said:

“The project has been fun and has really helped me learn how to cross busy roads. I used to be really scared getting onto buses, but the project has given me the confidence to be able to get onto buses. I also used to be nervous about scanning my bus pass onto the reader when I get onto a bus, but now I am very confident doing this.”


Charlotte has also improved her road safety awareness, especially when crossing busy roads and crossing roads where there is not a signal crossing.

Charlotte’s mum said:

“Charlotte has grown in confidence both with bus travel and attending Team Domenica. It has done a lot for her self-esteem.”


We are all extremely pleased with Charlotte’s positive outcome; she has gained valuable skills and knowledge that has helped her to become an independent traveller.

The training she has received from Travel Buddy will also help with future potential employment, social and educational opportunities.

If you’d like to find out more about travelling independently, get in touch with Travel Buddy at

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