In Charlie’s own words:

“I came to Grace Eyre last August and it has been a good experience for me.

Over the past year the pandemic has made life very different. At first I found the lock down hard and the changes a bit difficult because it was hard to go out and do the things that I was used to. I then realised there were new possible ways of doing things.

My support workers supported me to put a place in my diary for the important things that I love like my song writing and practicing my guitar. This really helped a lot. This reminded of the things I wanted to do and helped me stick to my goals. I also started to have my guitar lessons online from home which has been great. We even worked out a way to go to work at Café Domenica with social distancing.

I feel that I have managed to push through all the challenges and have had great success this year. I am loving playing the guitar and following my dream of setting up a band and busking in Brighton one day.”

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