In May 2016, Becky – a Grace Eyre service user – in collaboration with Dee MacDonald, social science researcher at the University of Brighton, produced a film highlighting the challenges faced by adults with learning disabilities when using public transport.

As part of this research, Becky had the opportunity to travel across the world to meet people in Canada. She got the chance to talk about her achievements and express her frustrations about travelling by bus. She was able to acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact that being able to get out and about independently has had on her life.

Following her trip to Canada, Becky gave a presentation to Grace Eyre which was inspirational to many others across the charity. Having heard about what Becky was able to do, other people were keen to participate in similar research given the chance.

It was interesting to see what is happening to improve accessibility in a different part of the world and to recognise that Brighton and Hove buses are quite advanced – Becky advised that they did not have talking buses in Canada.

It was beneficial for Grace Eyre to work on this project in partnership with the University of Brighton so a big thank you to all those involved.

Watch Becky’s film Wherever the bus takes me.

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