Andrew took part in a 4-month work placement at the Bevy Community Pub. He is enjoying it so much that he has decided to extend his placement!

At the pub Andrew helps prepare meals that are sent out to local people and families who may be on low income, have disabilities or belong to vulnerable groups.

Andrew said:

“I am better at teamwork, helping out people at the Bevy sorting food to send to people’s homes … it’s important to listen to see what you are doing.”


Andrew has also been taking part in reading and writing activities with Grace Eyre’s Job Coach, to help him feel more confident.

He said:

“Reading has been the hardest. Sometimes I don’t know how to match the words with the pictures, but I am getting better at it. Reading and writing is good fun, looking at different pictures and listening to the sounds, reading books for story time, it has helped me read people’s name labels on food at the Bevy.”


The highlight of Andrew’s course was making a video CV.

Andrew said:

“It was good to talk about myself, showing word symbols. It was good to show when I was working, tidying up and doing the food, showing people where it goes.”


In January 2022, Andrew started a work placement at Grace Eyre’s Open Market Art Studio. He has even considered making his own art to sell in the shop as an artist.

Andrew will also be doing some interview training and attending a job fair in February. This will give him the opportunity to talk to potential employers.

For more information about Grace Eyre’s Employment Project, call 01273 201 909 or email Active Lives

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