As part of the new travel training session in Active Lives, we joined with Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) to deliver a Try a Train workshop.

The aim of the workshop was to:

  • discover what help is available with accessibility at Hove railway station and
  • to make the rail journey from Hove station to Brighton station.

Jamie Duffy, Station Manager West Coastway, took the group through all of the safety and accessibility features at Hove railway station. The group met the ticket hall staff and the station staff.

Everyone ordered their own ticket from the ticket office. It was great to have a friendly face to help, especially when people feel a little unsure. We were sad to hear that some stations may be losing their ticket offices.


The group discovered that Hove station has a lift to help people get from one platform to the other. The lift is really useful for people with mobility issues.

The group’s train to Brighton station was delayed. However, they used their time waiting on the platform to learn more about safety features, including CCTV cameras.

Reece, who loves trains, was also able to tell the group about the announcements and even recite many of them!

When the train arrived, the group got on. Whilst on the train, the group pointed out the emergency exits, hand rails, digital displays, maps and the emergency door opener.

On arrival at Brighton station, the group was able to ‘mind the gap’ without having to use the ramp, but knew the ramp was available. The station was very busy as usual, but with Jamie’s help everyone got to the ticket barrier quickly and safely.

When the workshop ended, the group said goodbye to Jamie. They left Brighton station and got a Brighton & Hove Buses bus back to Grace Eyre headquarters.

All of the trainees said that their questions had been answered and that they had learnt something new.

Trainees said:

“The best part was going on the train. Jamie was really helpful.”

Thanks to GTR and Active Lives for a great afternoon!

Thank you

A big THANK YOU to Jamie Duffy, all the kind staff at Hove Station and Brighton & Hove Buses.

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