Working Together was a series of 6 workshops with Grace Eyre, Brighton CCA and MA Inclusive Practice students at the University of Brighton.

During the workshops, everyone co-learned and co-created artwork in response to two of Brighton CCA’s exhibitions: one by Amalia Pica and the second by Billie Zangewa.

The Working Together Toolkit

The Working Together Toolkit shares:

  • what we learned during the project;
  • our recommendations for future collaborative projects; and
  • resources that you can use in your own projects.

The Working Together Toolkit aims to support people to work with each other to make art, explore exhibitions and have creative conversations.

Emma Willcocks, Service Manager Arts at Grace Eyre, said:

“This has been a really great working partnership. We are applying for an extension to the project to continue with some of our learning. The Working Together Toolkit is really brilliant for both staff and the people we support as good starting points for art projects.”

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Thank You

Thank you to everyone involved in the Working Together sessions for your generosity, care and creativity that has informed the content of this toolkit:

  • Grace Eyre: Emma, Rachel, Lauretta, Javelle, Mario, Elliott, Hala, Russell, Lydia, Mark, Gerda, Lukasz, Gemma, Colleen, Caroline, Amy, Bill, Beth, Ella, Mahla, Steve, Jo and Mike
  • Brighton CCA: Polly, Bobby, Claire, Lydia, Scarlet and Poppy
  • MA Inclusive Practice, University of Brighton: Jayne, Rouhul, Saira, Maxine, Isabela, Caoimhe, Kerrie, Eve, Lydia, Gemma and Cassie

Additional thanks to Emma W, Rachel, Chris, Emma C, Bosco, Zubery, Keith, Andrea, Lydia, Dave, Sally and Aaron.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in MA Inclusive Arts Practice over the last 15 years and has helped build the community and practice that has made this project possible and to Jo Offer for all her support and guidance.

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