The Travel Buddy Project’s new trainee, Summer, is autistic and partially sighted. She took advantage of a fantastic opportunity made available by Brighton & Hove Buses at their Whitehawk Depot in Brighton.

Victoria Garcia (Accessibility and Communities Manager at Brighton & Hove Buses) arranged for Summer to have a bus orientation session as part of her travel training.

At the bus orientation session, Summer and her Travel Buddy went to the Whitehawk Depot where they met Ryan (Operations Manager) and Lindsay (Driver Supervisor).

Ryan and Lindsay helped Summer to practice getting on and off a 1-door bus and a 2-door bus. Summer also practiced finding her way to the priority seats, avoiding obstacles and using her bus pass.

Summer and her Travel Buddy felt welcome, and Summer is now more confident using Brighton & Hove Buses.

Many thanks to Brighton & Hove Buses, Victoria Garcia and East Sussex Sight Loss Council.

If our Travel Buddy team can help you with any independent travel goals you have, please find out more and get in touch:


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