The Performance Group put on their fabulous Performance Showcase earlier this month. It was fantastic for the group to be able to perform again after such a long time following the COVID restrictions.

The group started to work together again in July 2021, at a new venue, Exeter Street Hall; originally with four members, but now with a cast of ten! The showcase highlighted their favourite parts from previous performances, new songs and dances rehearsed via Zoom during lockdown, as well as the current shows they have been working on. There were scenes from Alice in Wonderland (first performed in July 2019), The Wizard of Oz (started in 2020 just before lockdown), and a new show, ‘Superheroes vs. Supervillains Dance-Off!’ devised and rehearsed at Exeter Hall.

“Exeter Hall is a great venue for the group. It’s light and airy and has a lot of space to sing, act, and dance in. The group are enjoying being able to be together again and are extremely supportive of one another. Some very positive friendships have been made within the group. We are all looking forward to rehearsing for our next shows there.” – Andrea Russell

“I wanted to send a massive thank you to all the amazing artists and performers for being able to watch the recent performance at Exeter Hall.

It was an event that was so uplifting and clearly showcased the immense talent and energy the artists have with their unique interpretations of different musicals.

Under the very talented direction of Andrea Russell, the show offered singing, dancing, acting, spoken word and a great trombonist! It was a fantastic tonic in these rather turbulent times.

The show was clearly co-produced with the artists, with elements of spontaneity from different members of the cast adding to the fun.

I am not sure if they are planning another performance yet, but if they do I would highly recommend you to book a seat!” – Chris Bland, Deputy CEO


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