Grace Eyre’s Travel Buddy team recently delivered Travel Buddy workshops for Team Domenica. Twenty-four (24) people attended the workshops over 2 weeks.

What the participants said

People who attended the workshops told us that they had fun and enjoyed being able to talk about their experiences as an independent traveller.

Here is what they said:

“It will (give you) more confidence and you won’t feel anxious or lonely.” – Alex

“It helps you be more independent when travelling.” – Betsy

“It’s really useful and helpful towards leading a more independent lifestyle.” – Jacob

“You will like to travel on your own and it will be fun!” – Kieron

“Ask what part of travelling you would like to work on and they’ll give you support with that.” – Sam

“It helps you to feel safer on public transport.” – Liv

Amanda Flegg, the Community Coordinator at Team Domenica, said:

“It’s wonderful to see our candidates becoming more independent and building on their knowledge from previous workshops.”

The Travel Buddy taster session workshop is a series of 4 90-minute interactive workshops to show:

  • What we do at Travel Buddy
  • How to stay safe
  • How to get the best experience while travelling

Claire Hudson, Travel Buddy Project Worker, said:

“It’s always such a pleasure to be at Team Domenica. They are always engaged and make it fun to deliver the Travel Buddy workshops!”

Travel Buddy taster session workshops

  • Workshop 1: This workshop gives an overall view of what Travel Buddy can help you with as well as information about what Brighton and Hove Buses have done to make travelling safer for those with learning and physical disabilities.
  • Workshop 2: How to prepare for a journey covers what you need for your journey, planning a route and safe road crossing.
  • Workshop 3: What to expect on the bus covers how to use the bus and various scenarios of how to stay safe when certain circumstances occur.
  • Workshop 4: Putting it all together covers more scenarios and what our Travel Buddy project can help you with.

If you feel your students or the people you support would benefit from taking part in our Travel Buddy workshops, please get in touch with our Travel Buddy team at

Thanks to Brighton and Hove Buses for their continued support.

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