It’s Trustees’ Week: 1-5 November

Trustees’ Week takes place every year. It aims to showcase the great work trustees do!

Trustees are the people in charge of a charity. They play a very important role, volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about a charity’s work.

We would like to thank all of our Grace Eyre trustees:

Liv Corbishley (Chair), Peter Begley (Treasurer), Samantha Boast, Peter Boorman, Anna Cooley-Greene, Camilla Gauge, Jo Holt, Karen Medcraft, Simon Owen, Daniel Parsonage and Kirsty Pentecost.

Welcome to our new trustees

Three new trustees were elected in March 2021. Welcome to Anna Cooley-Greene, Camilla Gauge and Daniel Parsonage!

Trustees with lived experience

Kirsty Pentecost and Karen Medcraft shared a little bit about what it is like to be a Grace Eyre trustee with lived experience of a learning disability.

Saying farewell

Jade Vallance

Jade Vallance was elected as a trustee in November 2017 and recently stepped down from the board. Thank you for all your contributions!







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