It’s Carers Week: 7-13 June 2021

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.

This year, we’re joining together with others across the country to make caring visible and valuable by recognising carers in our community.

Sue and Roy

Roy has a wonderful sister, Sue, who provides informal support.

It has been a tough year for them both with Roy catching Covid-19. But Sue delivered food parcels, games, goodies and much more around the clock to make sure Roy felt loved and supported during the difficult time.

She has accompanied Roy to all manner of different appointments and has gone out of her way to pop round and see Roy. Sue always brings lots of joy and laugher with her.

Roy talks a lot about his sister Sue and loves a FaceTime catch up with her! Thank you Sue for being a wonderful sister to Roy and always being there for him.

Karen and Robert

Karen is a family carer. She supports her brother Robert, who came to live with her 18 years ago after their father passed away.

Residential care wasn’t an option for Robert, so Karen became his carer. She didn’t appreciate what a commitment it would be.

Everyday life has been particularly difficult during the pandemic. With the Grace Eyre day service that Robert normally attends 5 days a week not able to run like it used to, Karen had to become a full-time carer.

Robert can’t be on his own; Karen helps him shower, cuts his hair, looks after his nails, prepares all of his meals and administers a variety medicines that he needs to take throughout the day.

Although Karen and Robert have enjoyed walking, playing badminton and painting by numbers, the increase in caring hours meant that Karen had to give up her part-time job, meaning less income and less independence. Karen only gets a few hours to herself each week and she cherishes this time.

Karen said:

“Robert is wrapped up in his own world. It’s [full time caring] relentless but I wouldn’t change it.”

Thank you.

Thank you to all unpaid carers across the country. We recognise the contribution you make to families and communities across the UK.

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