Monday 31st May is the 10th Anniversary of  Winterbourne View – a time to reflect on what has changed, if anything.

Winterbourne View was a private hospital that ‘treated’ people with learning disabilities or Autism. Panorama made an undercover documentary that showed people with learning disabilities and Autism being repeatedly assaulted and mentally abused by the staff that were employed to support them.

At the time, the nation was up in arms and a deep debate followed. Promises were made that community care would improve to ensure that people were not sent away to these private hospitals and Assessment & Treatment Units which were a long way away from home, family and friends.

What has changed in the 10 years?  Not much. Instead we have seen Whorlton Hall which is another example of the mistreatment of people with learning disabilities. Again it took undercover filming by Panorama to reveal the abuse.

In 2019 a group of people from Grace Eyre took part in a week of peaceful protests against the detention and torture of learning disabled and Autistic people in Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs) and private hospitals. Read more about it.

There are still nearly 3,000 people in these institutions.

When will it end?

Please join Learning Disability England in their week of action  24th – 28th May.

Visit their website to find out what’s happening.

Let’s all try to ensure Winterbourne View never happens again.

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