This story is a great example of what can be achieved whilst being a Shared Lives Carer – someone who opens up their home and family life to include an adult with support needs.

Ruth Torjussen lives in Coldean, Brighton, and shares her home with 3 people with learning disabilities. Whilst being very busy providing the care that they each need, she has been able to write and publish her own book called Friends and Neighbours: A heart-warming journey of self-discovery.

Set in Stoke, the main character is Jenny. Jenny is a carer and Marie Osmond impersonator who is mourning the loss of her best friend. She is looking for a way to fill that female friendship-shaped hole in her life. Mixing serious issues with much hilarity, this story is truly a heart-warming easy read.

Ruth’s own work in the care sector has clearly informed the leading lady’s story as Jenny struggles with the day-to-day practicalities of providing care, juggling the needs of her family and the bonds that are formed when you least expect it.

As the hours are flexible and varied, being a Grace Eyre Shared Lives carer meant that Ruth could carve out the time she needed to write her book. Like everyone, the lockdowns made this more of a challenge, but Ruth found the time to finish and publish her book on Amazon where you can buy a paperback or kindle version.

So, a very BIG congratulations to Ruth for such a great achievement!

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