Our Voices is Grace Eyre’s team of ambassadors. They talk to people from across our services and find out what they think. They share ideas and concerns that are discussed, so this means we are always working on what is important.

One activity Our Voices is involved in is our Easy Read Drop-in Group, which has been running for a few years now. The drop-in is a place where people can bring information they want to make more accessible.

Recently, Our Voices developed two stamps that can be applied to easy read information that has come through the Easy Read Drop-in Group.

The easy read stamps of approval are a new and easy way of seeing that information has been approved, or co-created, by people with lived experience.

The stamps indicate that the information has been checked and approved by people with learning disabilities and/or autism or developed with them.

Fran, one of the ambassadors, said:

“People can see the stamp. It’s easier to understand.”

The first recipient of our Approved by people with learning disabilities and/or autism stamp was a local organisation called Digital Brighton and Hove. The ambassadors helped Digital Brighton and Hove improve the accessibility of their tablet loan scheme form.

Katie Knight, Project Coordinator at Digital Brighton and Hove said:

“It was a really easy process. I got great feedback from the ambassadors and have recommended them to other people wanting to create easy read documents. It’s great to have experts by experience that I can ask for advice.”

If you would like more information about the easy read stamps of approval or want some help making your information more accessible, please contact Cleo Dibb, Our Voices Manager, at Cdibb@grace-eyre.org or on 07921 095 492.

Whilst we can support external companies, a small donation to the charity would be appreciated.

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