Sharing Our Voices is a 2-year project exploring the history of people with learning disabilities, Grace Eyre Woodhead’s life and how people were seen in Brighton & Hove.

Grace Eyre Woodhead pioneered care in the community at a time when most people with learning disabilities were confined to institutions away from wider society. The project have worked with volunteers from the community as well as people with learning disabilities to learn how to interview people and gather their stories and then interviewed a number of people living in Grace Eyre’s Shared Lives service.

What We Want

We want to commission a film that shows some of the key things we have found and will need to have the following features in it:

  • The film needs to be co-produced with 10 volunteers with learning disabilities
  • The “story” needs to be written in collaboration with people with learning disabilities and/or autism
  • The actors will be people with learning disabilities and/or autism
  • The film needs to incorporate the history of people with learning disabilities in Brighton and Hove and Grace Eyre Woodhead’s life and legacy.
  • The film needs to be finished by the end of March 2021 as this is the deadline for Oska Bright Film Festival (an international film festival showcasing films made by people with learning disabilities and autism)

What We Need From You

Please send us the following by 2 December 2020:

  • A bit about you and your experience of film-making and story-writing
  • A price – how much money you think the project will need
  • Your idea for the “story” and the “film” and how you will co-produce the film
  • Grace Eyre should have suitable recording equipment by the start of this project, so this will not need to be included in the price.

The closing date for this proposal will be Wednesday 2 December 2020 and we will start the interviews week beginning 14 December 2020.

How to apply

For further information or to discuss the commission, feel free to call Emily Farmer on 07923 211 907  (Wednesdays and Thursdays) or email


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