The climate emergency is scary! How do we tackle it?

This event is your chance to ask our MPs questions and get inspired on how we can work together.

This event is your chance to ask our local MPs – Peter Kyle (Hove and Portslade), Caroline Lucas (Brighton Pavilion), Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Brighton Kemptown) – questions about what they think we should do to tackle the impact of climate change and the damage we’ve done to nature.

It’s an hour-long online event, 1pm – 2pm on Friday 30th October 2020.

When you register to join you’ll be sent a link – and you can also submit a question to be put to the panel of MPs.

We are inviting everyone who joins this event to submit a question if they’d like to. The organisers will select as many questions as possible – from as wide a group of people as possible – to be asked in the time we have available.(We’ll let you know if your question is selected ahead of time).

Why ask a question?

If you are concerned about climate change, flooding, damage to the natural world, whether there’s going to be another pandemic like Covid-19 any time soon, or whether the next generation will have a livable planet to raise their kids on, then you’re like a lot of people in our city.

It doesn’t matter what your political perspective is, whether you’re well-off or struggling to get by – the future looks pretty scary for us all if we don’t do something about carbon emissions and the state of the natural world. And it feels like a massive problem to try and solve.

So let’s talk about it.

Let’s ask the people who are representing us in Government what their ideas are for sorting this mess out.

Who is organising this?

This event is organised by a group of people who live and work in Brighton, Hove and Portslade. People who are all worried about the climate emergency and what’s happening to our natural world. All have different political loyalties and views and levels of involvement in local activism. Some are involved with Extinction Rebellion. Some are involved in Hanover Action. Some aren’t involved in local politics at all.

The group wanted to have an opportunity to talk to our MPs and find out their perspective on the challenges posed by the emergency in our natural world and the climate – and their ideas on what we can do about it. And they thought other people in the city might like that opportunity too. That’s why they have organised this event.

How can I attend the event?

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