The Our Voices Ambassadors at Grace Eyre have been nominated for Dimensions’ Learning Disability and Autism Leaders List 2020 because of their outstanding work and taking a lead.

The ambassadors have continually supported Grace Eyre to become a more user-led organisation.

They have run ambassador meetings in Brighton and West Sussex, set up the Easy-Read Drop in group, Campaigns Committee and Purple Club House Committee, as well as attend a number of meetings in and outside of Grace Eyre.

They have consistently advocated for people with Learning Disabilities and/or autism across the whole of the organisation, from tenants meetings to trustee meetings.

Cleo Dibb, Our Voices Manager at Grace Eyre said:

“Their dedication to us has improved the way we work with, and support each other. If anyone has shown what true leadership looks like, it is the Our Voices Ambassadors.”


The Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List is a collection of stories from people who have learning disabilities and/or autism. There is a different list every year sharing lots of different types of achievements different people. Anybody who has a learning disability and/or is anywhere on the autism spectrum is welcome on the List.

Sarah Walters, Campaigns Manager at Dimensions, said:

“Huge congratulations and well done!”


Hooray and congratulations to all of our wonderful ambassadors!

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