From Monday 15 June 2020 there are new rules about wearing face masks on public transport.

What do the new rules say?

The new rules say that everyone must now wear a face mask or face covering on:

  • bus and coach
  • train and tube
  • plane and ferry

You may be asked to cover your face.
You may not be allowed to travel or have to pay a fine if you do not wear a mask.

Reasonable excuses

You do not need to wear a face mask if:

A disability or health problem makes wearing a mask difficult.

A mask will cause you severe distress.

A deaf person you support needs to read your lips.

You are a child aged under 11.

Face covering – exemption support card

Helping Hand is an award-winning scheme at Brighton & Hove Buses that empowers bus users to discreetly and directly advise of any assistance they may need.
The yellow card holds a brief written instruction for the driver that can be shown upon boarding the bus. The driver is immediately made aware of the customer’s needs or requirements without the customer having to verbally communicate it.
You can apply for the Helping Hand scheme, but there is currently a delay in printing the cards. While you wait, you can download a Helping Hand face covering exemption card and print your own.


If you are not sure about wearing a mask, talk to someone you trust like a Grace Eyre support worker or Shared Lives carer.

Thank you to Photosymbols for this guidance.

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