Learning Disability Week 2020 starts today: 15-21 June 2020

The theme this year is the importance of friendships during lockdown so we’d like to share our story of Grace Eyre Friendship with you!

Launched in summer 2013, the Grace Eyre Friendship Group aims to provide a safe and encouraging  environment for service users to develop the skills and confidence to not only cope but to thrive in social situations. The group provides a platform to forge, nurture and maintain meaningful relationships through shared experiences.
Since the pandemic and the implementation of social restrictions, Grace Eyre Friendship Brighton has expanded its’ private Facebook page, moving as many of the sessions online as possible and introducing new ones. This change has enabled Grace Eyre to continue to offer this hugely valuable support service.

By making use of their social media platforms, Grace Eyre has maintained and strengthened relationships that had been nurtured prior to the pandemic, as well as forging new ones. In addition to providing essential support for our service users, this alternative way of running Grace Eyre Friendship has also enabled Grace Eyre to reach new audiences that hadn’t previously engaged with the charity, increasing the number of beneficiaries.

‘Friendship Group means that we can go out with our friends and meet up, like the pub or for bowling (before coronavirus) but now it’s good to chat on a Friday night Zoom Music and Chat night!’ – Becky


Since lockdown restrictions were implemented, membership of Grace Eyre Friendship Brighton’s Friendship Group has increased by a whopping 600%!
Click Grace Eyre Friendship Brighton to join! Or to get in touch with Charlotte, Friendship Coordinator, call: 07919 497429 or email ckeynes@grace-eyre.org

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