If you’re feeling the strain of being in isolation, or really enjoying the time it’s giving you, you might find expressing your thoughts, feeling and emotions with art can be really enjoyable.
Do you like what you’ve read so far?
Onto the art part! The art can be in whatever form you like whether it be painting, drawing, collage, words, or however you wish to express yourself and be creative.
We’ve put together some themes you can work with and we’ll share a different theme  every week both here on our website and also our Facebook page. This weekly art project can be as big or as small as you want it to be. If you’re really enjoying the theme, stick with it for longer if you want to. It’s up to you!

Anyone from the Grace Eyre community is welcome to take part. If you’re willing to share your artwork then please take a photo and send it to: ewillcocks@grace-eyre.org and we’ll create a digital gallery and share your work.

Artist Open House
The plan for this year’s 2020 May Festival is to move it to October 2020 and it’d be fantastic to have a representation of the ‘Art in Isolation’ project displayed at Montefiore Road for the October Artist Open House.
See our poster below and read our easy read notes for further information around themes and materials to use.
Good luck! We look forward to receiving your entries:)


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