I’ve worked for Shared Lives for just over two and a half years and it’s been an exciting experience! No two days are the same, I can be in the office in the morning and then out on visits for the rest of the day. I might be supporting someone to meet their advocate or sitting in on a meeting to update an EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan) – it’s not all statutory visits and monitoring. There is autonomy in the job and I’m able to manage my own case load; if there are meetings, I might be in the office or if I’m writing up reports, I might choose to work from home one day a week. I’m well supported by the team and my manager and if I need specialist training Grace Eyre supports me to get it. I work with a wide range of groups – social workers, SaLT (Speech and Language Therapist) nurses, neurological specialists and everything in between. Our carers are an inspiration and you can see the impact that their support has on the people they care for. One service user who is partially sighted has seen his world go from the house he used to live in, to being able to access the whole of his local community independently through support and training from the carer. It’s nice to know that your job can make a real difference in other people’s lives.
Tom Conroy
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