Bloom is a community coffee hub in Brighton hosted by One Church that nurtures development through barista skills.
Here the learners gain a basic understanding of speciality coffee, looking at things like the coffee’s journey, flavour, extraction and learning how to use an espresso machine and grinder.
Six people who use Grace Eyre’s services attended the barista training at Bloom on a Tuesday afternoon and learnt how to make a perfect filtered coffee, an amazing espresso and an outstanding cappuccino! Not only this but they also had the opportunity to develop other valuable skills, such as, travelling by public transport to get to the venue, time keeping and numeracy skills.
Following this experience, a couple of attendees went on to attend Bloom drop-in barista training and have now started volunteering in a community pub and café in Brighton.
This is what Charlie said about his experience at Bloom:

“I love it here, I like it all. I’ve learned how to make Cappuccinos. What different coffees smell like and taste like. I’d like to get a job and make coffee and tea at the café near my home.”

To find out more about the Employment Project, call our Active Lives team on 01273 201909 or email

This is Charlie enjoying the fruits of his labour!

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