We wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to the amazing Paul Organ who gave his time for free to create a wonderful short film promoting our Shared Lives scheme. You can watch it here: Shared Lives.
Thanks also to Amber Rose Morgan who put together an inspiring social media clip from some great footage filmed by Emily Rose from The Let Go Studio.
Between them they have managed to capture the essence of the scheme to give a flavour of what Shared Lives is all about!
Shared Lives is a community based service for adults with learning disabilities and other social care needs, such as, older people and people mental health needs. The service enables people with learning disabilities and other social care needs to live life to the full in their community without having to live on their own, or in a care home. It gives people the opportunity to live in a family setting in their local community, offering individuals a unique alternative to the more traditional residential care.
For more information contact:
01273 201903
0207 924 0631
We’d love to hear from you!

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