Our great big ‘Travel Buddy’ project continues to pick up the pace! Through this five year project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, we will support people with learning disabilities so that they can become confident, independent travellers. An important part of this is ‘Drama on the Bus’, which launched this October.
Here, people with learning disabilities identify all kinds of different issues that they encounter when using buses. These are turned into fun but educational scenarios that everyone gets a chance to act out together on a real bus that we have private use of for the day.
With the first sessions taking place during ‘National Hate Crime Awareness Week’, Jamie gives us all some useful advice about feeling safe on the bus…

People with learning disabilities tell us that they want to be able to ‘travel around where we live’. Drama on the Bus is a valuable step in improving knowledge, learning skills, and building confidence so that ‘we know what to do in real life’.
We are thankful to Brighton and Hove Buses, our partner in the ‘Travel Buddy’ project. The company provides a bus so that the scenarios ‘feel real’ and its staff join in too, helping people to trust bus drivers and other bus staff to provide support when they travel. Like Kim the driver and newly independent traveller Judy in the photo above!
Tina tells us what she has learned and what she wants to do next…

Find out more about Travel Buddy.

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