Press release: On 23rd April the Board of Trustees of local charity Grace Eyre will be meeting for their annual Away Day at Brighton’s Jubilee Library. What makes this meeting different to previous meetings is that Grace Eyre recently welcomed two adults with learning disabilities to their Board. Grace Eyre’s mission is to work towards being led by people with learning disabilities therefore the appointment of Kirsty and Chris is a significant one.
New trustee Kirsty commented, ‘I decided to become a trustee because I wanted to do more things with Grace Eyre. Being a trustee means I can help run the way Grace Eyre works in the future so being a volunteer for Grace Eyre is an amazing opportunity for me’.
When asked what made him decide to become a trustee, fellow new trustee Chris said, ’I loved the charity and wanted to give my knowledge of what I know. I wanted to give my heart to a good charity, to change it for the good.’  On why he feels it’s important, ‘To spread the word of what people want throughout the charity; to get everyone’s thoughts across to the board.’
For over 100 years Grace Eyre’s vision has been for a society where people with learning disabilities are respected as equal citizens, are part of and contribute to their communities, and where people can fulfil their dreams and wishes. If you’d like to support the work Grace Eyre does to continue to develop the skills and roles of people with learning disabilities in society you can make a donation via their website, or visit our Grace Eyre Art Studio In Brighton’s Open Market which is Grace Eyre’s first hub led by people with learning disabilities.

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