The Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy (BAT) Foundation, a charity aimed at building awareness in the UK of table tennis as a proactive treatment for Alzheimer’s, are seeking to expound the benefits of table tennis play in delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s by delivering the specialised BAT Therapy Table in care homes across the country.
Alzheimer’s has a huge economic impact on the UK and costs a staggering £26.3 billion annually, with the number of those living with the condition at 850,000 as at 2015 and continually rising. A key way to reduce the cost and impact is looking at pre-emptive measures, including keeping the brain active through sports such as table tennis.
One of the first care homes across the UK to introduce the BAT Therapy Table is Abundant Grace Nursing Home in Seaford. The table was generously donated by Grace Eyre Foundation; a charity aimed at ensuring those with learning disabilities are treated equal and fulfill their dreams and wishes, through their Sports For All In Sussex project.
The BAT Therapy Table has been purpose built to enhance the therapeutic experience of table tennis.  “In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, those with the condition start to lose visual perceptions of perspective, contrast and colour. In order to compensate for these deprivations, BAT have developed a specially designed table tennis table that will help proactively counter diminishing in those three areas,” says BAT Project Manager Andrew Battley.
Andrew goes on to say, “It’s fantastic to see the table going into Abundant Grace and how these community groups have come together with Grace Eyre’s support to make this happen. The thing about our table is the positive impact it will have not only in the short term to an individual, but long term and to an entire care community”.
About Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy (BAT) Foundation:
BAT is a new fundraising organisation set up by Bounce Leisure Ltd. to provide table tennis equipment, a therapy program and trained staff to care homes specialising in dementia and Alzheimer’s across the UK.  BAT is committed to a campaign of clinical research, a carefully designed therapy program, and increased and invaluable public awareness on these devastating diseases.

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