Earn a fee of up to £525 per person per week*

Please click this link to register your interest for 16+

Shared Lives carers provide high-quality support and care for individuals with support needs (including learning disabilities and mental health needs) in their own homes, sharing their homes and their lives to ensure that people can realise their potential and maximise their independence skills.

Grace Eyre’s Shared Lives scheme is taking part in an exciting new project to provide Shared Lives support to young people aged 16-17 in West Sussex who are leaving the formal care system.

We provide full training for carers, as well as 24/7 support and a dedicated co-ordinator to guide you through the process.

All you need is a spare room (although in some cases we can help with housing) and the willingness to help a young person with support needs as they transition into adulthood.

Register your interest using the link above, or get in touch with us today - we can give you a call or pay you a visit to discuss how the scheme works if Shared Lives is for you!

West Sussex: 01273 201903, or email: [email protected]

*Shared Lives carers receive a care fee based on the needs of the individual they are supporting which is currently between £260 and £367 per person per week. In addition carers receive a contribution towards rent and utilities from the service user - currently £157 per person per week. Carers also receive an additional tax allowance, meaning that the majority of the income from Shared Lives is tax-free. Full details are provided as part of the assessment / approval process.