Stu Leaney has been an active member in every Friendship Group session since he joined in November 2021. He has described the group as a “life saver, a lifeline and the most important thing in his life”. He struggled with mental health and isolation, coming to our group having recently been laid off in London. He has said the group helps him in so many ways, especially “to build confidence and feel better about myself”.

He often tells us how much this group has helped him feel happier in life and how much he loves it. He enjoys participating in every one of our sessions from Yoga to Dance and is proud of what he has accomplished in Art and Gardening. He is the first to sign up to all our outdoor meetups, even though he has to travel from Worthing to Brighton.

Stu also joined our Grace Eyre Work Buddies programme and has received training, interviews and even landed himself a job! Stu is involved in many different friendship groups within the Ffriendship Group and receives a lot of 1:1 support. He also DJs with other Friendship members on podcast radio. Stu’s latest message in the group “thank you so much for you support – I love you guys!”

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