Sebastian was referred to The Work Buddy Project by the Prince’s Trust. He has a master’s degree in Globalisation, Politics, Conflict and Human Rights. His autism and severe anxiety created a barrier to maintaining employment.

Sebastian said:

“In some work environments I was able to work. In others I wasn’t able to operate. For example noise and chaos and other staff not being as supportive made it harder for me to focus.”

Sebastian found that making small and simple adjustments such as adding labels to keys, filing cabinets and doors helped to reduce anxiety.

Sebastian said:

“My ability to relax in a work environment has increased to the point I feel comfortable, natural and feel excited about work.”

“I wanted to gain training in the role of reception and training within an organisation which would care about their employees as much as their clients. Before [the training] I literally had no idea what a cover letter was. The mock interview practice was very valuable, this was helpful for boosting confidence. I have achieved my goals and built up a level of experience in terms of searching and applying for jobs in the future and understanding duties of a reception role. I have developed organisational skills, communication skills and confidence in a working environment.”

He continued: “It has improved my mental health. I know I have the skills and abilities to progress in my life.”

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