When Jon was interviewed in May 2020, he said, “there are things I want to do…my plan is to move on to my own place when the time is right.” And this is exactly what he has achieved!

He has come a long way since originally joined Grace Eyre’s Shared Lives service in May 2018. From being homeless and vulnerable, the support he received from his Shared Lives carer, Sarah, which he describes as being ‘gold’, has now enabled him to live independently in a Grace Eyre Housing property.

During his time in Shared Lives, he was supported to budget, manage his finances, organise his utility bills, set up and use his Alexa for recipes, as well as learning to utilise other skills which he described as ‘a big deal for me’. Earlier this year, he moved into his second Grace Eyre Housing property which he absolutely loves! Grace Eyre’s Housing Officer has supported Jon to set up direct debits for his utility bills and is the contact between Jon and his landlord.

Jon has really changed his life around for the better. He is a positive person with a network of friends and support, and has recently been able to offer support to one of his friends who has been going through a tough time. He’s booked a holiday to Greece later in the year and is planning on taking another trip before then!

‘I love my new flat, I love being supported by Grace Eyre, it’s so great to have that support network. Everything is amazeballs!’


When asked what’s next, Jon said he’s already been looking to volunteer at a homeless shelter, or join a befriending scheme for the elderly, specifically to support people who are isolated. We look forward to finding out the next steps of Jon’s journey.

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Photo (left to right): Sarah, Jon & Stevie

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