Care and Support ('C' Policies):

C01 Access To Records, Confidentiality & Data Protection Policies
C02 Appropriate Adult Policy
C03 Bullying & Hate Crime Policy
C04 Child Protection Policy
C05 Code of Conduct - Staff 
C06 Communicable Diseases and Infection Control  
C07 Death & Bereavement Policy
C08 Dignity & Respect Policy
C09 Emergency and Crisis Procedures (Including On-Call)
C10 Entering and Leaving a Service User's Home and Key Holding Policy
C11 Fire Safety Policy  - Shared Lives Carers
C12 Grace Eyre Friendship Policy
C13 Medication Policy 
C14 Mental Capacity  Policy
C15 Person Centred Policy and Charter
C16 Personal Care
C17 Physical Intervention Policy
C18 Positive Behavioural Support
C19 Risk Assessment & Risk Management 
C20 Safe Friendships and Relationships 
C21 Safeguarding 
C22 Sale of Service User Art and Craft Work Policy and Guidelines
C23 Service User Guide- Shared Lives / Choices / Active Lives
C24 Holiday Policy
C25 Service User Money, Valuables and Financial Affairs
C26 Service User Transport Policy
C27 Shared Lives - Recruitment & Assessment of New carers 
C28 Shared Lives – Service User Review
C29 Shared Lives Agreement and Carers Contract
C30 Shared Lives Carers Handbook
C31 Shared Lives Panel : Terms of Reference
C32 Shared Lives Service User Matching & Ending Policy
C33 Statement of Purpose and Aims & Objectives - Choices, Shared Lives & Active Lives
C34 Service User plan and needs assessment Review due Dec 2012
C35 Ending a shared lives agreement

Human Resources ('HR' Policies):

HR02 Annual Leave Policy
HR03  Dealing with Poor Performance/Capability Policy and Procedures 
HR04  Disciplinary Policy & Procedure 
HR05  Job Evaluation Policy and Procedure
HR06  DBS Policy
HR07  Grievance Policy & Procedure 
HR08  Pension Policy inc Scottish Life info
HR09  Pay Policy and Procedure
HR10  Recruitment, Selection and Retention  Policy 
HR11  Sickness & Absence Policy & Procedure (inc occupational health)
HR11 (2) Manager's Guidance Sickness and Absence
HR12  Staff Leaving Procedure 
HR13  Training and Development Plan
HR14  Supervision and Appraisal Policy & Guidance Notes
HR15  Maternity, Paternity & Adoption & Parental Leave
HR16  Volunteer Policy 
HR17  Telephone Calls and Mobile Phone Policy
HR18  Use of Staff Cars Policy 
HR19  Working Time Policy
HR20  Organisational Change & Redundancy Policy
HR21  Personal Records and Data Protection 
HR22  Staff Handbook
HR23 Retirement Policy
HR24 Working from Home Policy
HR24(2) Working from Home Managers Guidance
HR24(3) Health and Safety Guidelines for Homeworkers
HR25 Sporting and Other Events Policy
HR26 Young Persons Code of Practice Policy

Finance ('F' Policies):

F01 Delegation of Authority
F02 Finance Manual- Chart of acc, tendering for maintenance & dev, Gen Internal Control, Controls over asset
F03  Expenses Policy
F04 Purchasing Policy
F05 Gifts to Staff Paid Carers and Volunteers
F06 Credit Card Policy
F07 Reserves
F08 Cash Handling Policy 
F09 Debt Policy
F11 Room Rental 
F12 Audit Policy

Health and Safety ('HS' Policies):

HS00 Health & Safety Policy
HS01 Accident & Incident  Policy
HS02 Contractors Policy
HS03 Display Screen Equipment
HS04 Electricity & Gas  Policy
HS05 Fire Safety Policy GE Premises
HS06 First Aid Policy
HS07 Food Hygiene Policy
HS08 Health and Safety Inspection Policy
HS09  Working Environment & Housekeeping Policy (GE Premises)
HS10 Lone Working Policy
HS11 Expectant & New Mothers Policy & Appendix A Form
HS12 Stress Policy
HS13 Risk Assessment in the Workplace
HS14 Lift entrapment

Strategic ('S' Policies) :

S01 Our Plan 2014-2017
S02 Complaint Policy & Procedure
S03  Equalities Policy & Action Plan
S04  Funding Strategy
S05  Corporate Social Responsibility
S06  Aims, Values & Promises Statement
S07 Social Inclusion, Involvement and Consultation
S08  Terms of Reference for: Board of Trustees, Finance and Fundraising Committee, Human Resources Committee, Risk Committee, Senior Management Team, Strategy Group
S08  Policies index
SO8 A TORS - Trustees
SO8 B Role of the Trustees
SO8 C TOR - Finance and IT committee - not currently available
SO8 D TOR - Quality & Risk Committee
SO8 E TOR - HR Committee
SO8 F TOR - GEH CIC Board of Directors
SO8 G TOR - PP CIC Board of Directors
SO8 H TOR - Senior Management Team
SO8 I TOR - Executive Group
S09  Whistleblowing
S10  Quality Policy 
S11  Risk Management Plan
S12  GE Charter
S13 Business Continuity & Emergency Planning
S14 IT Development Plan 
S15 Computers, E-mail and Internet Policy 
S16 Organisation Charts
S17 Marketing & Communications Strategy
S18 Membership Policy
S19 Partnership working
S20 Trustee Code of Conduct
S21 Duty of Candor
S22 2020 Vision for GEF

Grace Eyre Housing ('GEH' Policies):

GEH01 Aids & Adaptations Policy
GEH02 Allocations  Policy
GEH03 Anti-Social Behaviour Policy
GEH04 Articles of Association
GEH05 Assured Short hold Tenancy
GEH06 Complaint & Comments Policy
GEH07 Confidentiality, Access to Records & Data Protection Policy
GEH08 Equalities Policy
GEH09 Financial Controls and Standing Orders
GEH11 Housing Management Policy
GEH12 Housing Management Plus - Definition
GEH13 Lone Working
GEH14 Marketing and Communications Plan
GEH15 Procurement Policy
GEH16 Rent Collection & Arrears Policy
GEH17 Rents & Service Charge Policy
GEH18 Repairs & Maintenance Policy
GEH19 Risk Management Plan
GEH20 Safeguarding Adults at Risk
GEH21 Service Level Agreement - GEF-GEH
GEH22 Strategic Plan -    Housing Growth Plan
GEH23 Support for Vulnerable Tenants Policy
GEH24 Tenant Involvement Policy
GEH25 Terms of Reference - Board of Directors