Malcolm attends our Active Lives day activities. Malcolm has complex communication skills and while he uses sign language, this becomes harder to interpret as his frustration grows. As Malcolm's frustration mounts be begins to display challenging and sometimes aggressive behaviour. After an episode, Malcolm would become very distressed as it was not his intention to hurt anyone or cause any damage.

Our communication champions spent time with Malcolm to explore communication techniques and resources that could help. The team used an iPad which we raised funds for and trialled this with Malcolm, who, through the process, discovered technology!

The iPad has revolutionised his life both at Grace Eyre and at home. Malcolm can communicate quickly and efficiently and advise staff of his frustrations, unhappiness, how he is feeling today etc. This allows our staff team to put in place the necessary support or changes quickly and meet Malcolm's needs before his distress escalates and before his well-being becomes compromised. There are also a number of other Apps on the iPad which support Malcolm with his learning and skills.

Name and image have been changed for privacy.