What a legacy Grace Eyre Woodhead left behind in 1935. Her good work continues today.

In 1898, our pioneering founder, Grace Eyre Woodhead, was moved by the suffering of children with learning disabilities who came from poor families in Brighton and Hove. She took action.

Many of us feel the same and already take steps in our life to support charity, with donations, time, and energy. Imagine this goodwill continuing, long into the future.

Please consider including Grace Eyre in your will. We understand that writing a will is not an easy task, but we also understand that it is a necessary task that ensures that your loved ones will be looked after.

Why choose us?

Grace Eyre has over 100 years’ experience of helping people with learning disabilities and their families. We are small enough to be personal but big enough to make a difference.

We promise to use your gift wisely. We are members of the Institute of Fundraising and we are regulated by the Fundraising Regulator.

What should you do next?

If you decide to leave a legacy to Grace Eyre in your will, you don’t need to tell us, although we would advise you to consult a solicitor before writing or amending your will.

You’ll need to provide your solicitor with our registered charity number which is 1020192.

The Government have introduced a lower inheritance tax rate of 36% for taxpayers leaving 10% or more of their estate to charity, which could be of financial benefit to you and your family, and also help Grace Eyre at the same time.

We recommend taking a look at this website, dedicated to helping you to 'Remember a Charity'.

The difference you will make

£500 could run healthy cooking sessions for two months, helping people with learning disabilities to gain skills, confidence and independence in the kitchen

£1,000 could provide two hours of support and friendship each week for a whole year, providing a lifeline for a person with learning disabilities and those who care for them

£14,000 can support one person with learning difficulties for an entire year to help them achieve their dreams.

This is why it matters

If you do leave a gift to Grace Eyre in your will, no matter how big or small, it will make a lasting difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities who need some extra support to live an independent life. See our Personal Stories. Thank you.

Have questions or need help?

If you would like to find out more about how to leave a legacy to Grace Eyre, please talk to Lynn Stevens, Fundraising Manager, on 01273 222043 or email [email protected]