We performed our play, 'Grace Eyre Street' to a sell out audience at our very own community theatre the Purple Playhouse at the end of May, bringing down the curtain on our Brighton Fringe events with a resounding success!

This performance was the culmination of a five month drama project which has seen 11 people with learning disabilities create and perform their own show. 

The audience met the cast of characters who pass through Grace Eyre Street, New York - an interesting bunch of people including 'rowdy gangsters, forlon homeless people, excited tourists, a bunch of hippies, some exhausted shoppers, a few posh people and a super hero'. 

Audience members said:

'Great show! Loved it!

'Everyone was having fun. Great comedy timing! Incredibly confident performances. They must have practised very hard.'

'The actors were great and so full of enthusiasm, they worked so well together.'

When asked what they enjoyed most about about taking part, the performers talked about 'team work, laughter, making new friends, and having new experiences'. Taking part in the drama project has felt like 'a family'. 

You can watch behind the scenes of the whole project on their blog.

With thanks to...

All the performers: Max, Julia, Ben, Marc, Benedict, Luci, Charlie, Gus, Jonny, Harry and Andrew. 

The creative staff and volunteers: Mark, Imogen, and Elena

The Grace Eyre Scenery Production group which made the terrific USA backdrop

The award winning Theatre Inc company from Chichester College who followed the show with amazing song and performances of their own

Sussex Community Foundation for funding to make the project happen