Monday to Friday: Photographing the Everyday

Works by Grace Eyre’s photography groups

Photography Studio – Mondays

As the name suggests we are an indoor-based group, but not restricted to traditional studio set-ups with lighting and backgrounds, etc. Increasingly the group focuses on exploring our surroundings, i.e. in the day centre and around the immediate outsides of the building. The group come up with themes and are given suggestions for themes, e.g. close-up, shapes, shooting above eye level.

Individuals are encouraged not to think too much about what a picture typically looks like, but to just shoot and assess after. Very unlike the name of the session, we try to be relaxed regarding traditional technical aspects such as focus, framing and lighting! This engenders a more abstract sensibility and hopefully gets people to think differently about what a photograph can be.

Glenn Leccacorvi - Project Worker

All Day Photography – Fridays

Our Photography Group looks for inspiration by going out every Friday morning. We visit a variety of places such as: parks, nature reserves, the seafront, or museums and galleries. The most important thing is to keep our eyes wide open and to just be vigilant, as something inspirational and interesting may wait for us just around the corner…

Lukasz Kwiatkowski –Project Worker